Monday, February 07, 2011

The Reunion of 2010




Suffice to say that Alexandria, Louisiana and Bolton High will never see the likes of our group again. We were fun, interested in an education, sometimes, and VERY self motivated. We had public officials, doctors, lawyers, teachers and many other professions that led all of us to have a productive working career.

We did and do know how to party. Yup, even almost 70 year olds. It was so darn much fun. Even the impromtu Karaoke night when the military guys from Virginia and the Carolinas came in and upon leaving said, "Whew, you seniors rock". I laughed about that for days.

The photos are of some of my favorite people who it was great to see and who I have stayed in touch with for the fifty years. Isn't it strange how you might not see someone for ten or twenty years, then you curl up in a good chair, kick off your shoes and those years are set aside? Next thing you know you're laughing about your antics fifty years ago.

I feel privileged to have had those relationships and those great times.

I had traveled so much last year, the thought of getting on another plane to fly to Alex for the reunion was not appealing, but, oh how glad I am that I did. What great memories. What great conversations. In a way it was closing a chapter of my life!
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Matthew Smith said...

I've missed you Ms. Babs. Can't wait to hear more about what you have been up to. Jan in Mississippi

Steve Cotton said...

It was good to see you back -- even though you are gone.

Babs said...

I'm back and ready to write Jan - lots to share........and say, of course.
Steve, I'm right here in SMA! Thankfully. said...

Finally! So glad to see you here again and what a wonderful time you had. My annual reunion will be in San Antonio this year in March. Looking forward to it.