Sunday, May 09, 2010

An Evening Stroll





Imagine this view on a continual basis. And the fact that it was ours to enjoy, without other people around, on a regular basis - especially in the evenings.

The area is called "The Woods". It is one of the most spectacularly planned golf course communities I've ever seen. The amount of wildlife along with the amount of trees left on the property makes it breathtakingly beautiful and unique. We saw deer, hawks, all kinds of birds including a woodpecker and, one morning as I opened the curtains, a big fat possum lumbered off in the brush.

It is a weekend community for most, so those who live there full-time are few. Except during the daytime, when the weather is nice and the golf carts are rolling. In great numbers. But, that is only for about five hours a day.

So the rest of the time, we walked, gardened and just enjoyed "The Woods". I always thought the Texas Hill country was the most beautiful place in the USA. Now I have to admit, this area surpasses the Hill Country. Truly.

I'll never forget our evening strolls.
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