Friday, May 07, 2010

Chinese Spam

I'm being inundated on a daily basis with Chinese "spam" from many different blog sites.

Is this happening to any of you? Of course, I'm moderating the comments, but it sure is aggravating. Isn't it?

I so enjoy all of your comments, so don't stop. But if you're sending "Chinese Spam", please move on.


Bob Mrotek said...


This is how you say "Please don't spam here" in Chinese:


Islagringo said...

I get at least one a day. I wonder what makes them think we would have anything to do with the heiroglyphics they send our way?

Babs said...

Bob, you never cease to amaze me. How the heck do you know Chinese? And, thankfully so!

Wayne, thanks for commenting - darn I hate that I can't comment on your blog anymore. Really liked your video today and will gladly "exchange" places with you - especially in the winter.

Bob Mrotek said...

Mandarin Chinese is my third language. That's what nerds like me do :)

Steve Cotton said...

Ever since I commented on the spam in my comments box, I have been inundated with the stuff.

Tom said...

Maybe it's someone that reads your blog and are expressing an opinion or appreciation?....
We accept comments in Spanish and English, why not Chinese. I have a Korean friend (who speaks English) who has Korean friends that sometimes read my blog and sometimes comment in Korean. I've never bothered to translate, just lazy I guess!

just an opinion!

Babs said...

Tom and Debi - Someone "in the know" told me what was being said. And, those comments always came in in my "spam" file so I knew they were going to lots of sites. I would never not be inclusive of any race and hope some day I have people from all over the world reading the blog. THAT would be so cool.

Joey Nova said...

I'm sick to death of them. I get them daily and its always the same crap.

Why aren't Google doing anything to help their users against people who are using underhanded SEO tactics!