Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Addition to the Casa





I just was able to move into my casa a trunk that I bought at an auction last August. It has resided all this time in the guest house. Now that that house is vacant, I switched out the coffee tables (which is what I have turned the trunk into) and I'm SO enjoying the artwork.

The artist is Peter Leventhal. He resides and paints here in San Miguel. His work brings a smile to my face with its underlying humor, color and rubenesque figures. You should see what's on the inside lid - but, this is a family blog, so I can't post THAT photo. Suffice to say, it is another voluptuose person.........

All this leads up to the fact that the guest house is now spotlessly clean. The windows are sparkling as are the floors and furniture. The best news is that it is already rented. I sent out emails to friends in Mexico and the USA. Lo and behold, a woman from Cave Creek Az. who is a friend of a friend, was heading this way but didn't have a place to live. She does now!

I have worked and worked this past three weeks to get my house and now the guest house and gardens in tip-top shape. There was an ulterior motive.

'm leaving again and heading back to..........yup, you guessed it, West Virginia. The enticement is........well, guess. I'm also going to learn to play golf, work out at the gym, try out the bicycles in the garage and just have fun.

I'm turning into a real jet setter! Ha. Those kids on "The Amazing Race" TV show have nothing on me. You should see me rushing through the various terminals to make my connections.

However, it is all worth it. At both ends is a life that is amazing.......peaceful,beautiful and more then I could ever have imagined.

See you on down the road.
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Tancho said...

You are indeed lucky to live in a town filled with some many artisans. It makes decorating the house a satisfying experience. Great piece.

Billie Mercer said...

Love the new coffee table.

Christine said...

I love his painting style!

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

OMG, you can will me that trunk! Awesome, incredible and inspiring me to do the same to one I have in the attic that I collaged in Australia. Love this guy's work! And so glad you got the guest house rented. She's off again.

1st Mate said...

Love the coffee table, what a cool idea. It looks like he did reverse painting on glass or acrylic, is that right?

You are such a gadabout, amiga! I hope you have a wonderful trip and share it on your blog.

Calypso said...

Great coffee table! Très chic, très hip, très sexy!

You have great taste amiga.

Have yet another safe journey.

Babs said...

Glad all of you like the trunk - I LOVE his painting style also Kay.

There are so many talented artesans and artists here. However, there is a tendancy to have too much stuff. I know, I do.
First Mate, it is a basic wood trnk that he painted on with acrylics. I sealed it with a few coats of matte varathane to protect it.