Wednesday, March 10, 2010






It is amazing that in three weeks, this area of West Virginia has gone from blizzards to flower buds. I arrived on the 14th of February to blizzard like conditions. That is somewhat of an understatement since it had been record snowfalls the previous week with Dulles Airport closed on the day I was supposed to arrive. The scene of the stop sign buried in snow was one of the signs of the aftermath.

Then in a quick trip about 20 miles from the house to the Potomac River to check on the "river house", I was literally astounded to see the Potomac River frozen. I had never seen anything like that in my life - except in photos. So, imagine my surprise last Saturday when we again went to check on the house to see the beautiful blue water of the Potomac - no more ice - at least not on the river. But, there were still plenty of banks of snow.

And just yesterday while parking in a lot next to a tree, I just glanced up and was so surprised to see buds on a maple tree, only six days after the last snow fall.

The seasons and weather are transitioning - hmmm, maybe I am too!
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Kay Cox said...

Yeah, we are finally bursting with spring all of a sudden. It was 80 yesterday..good grief.

Polzic said...

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Muchas gracias!

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Steve Cotton said...

As the seasons change, all seems well.

Calypso said...

What is wrong with this picture - We move to Mexico to get out of Colorado winters - then you go and visit there during winter - go figure.

Babs said...

Yes, Calypso I was thinking that very thing as I was flying there! But, we ended up with great weather - it's that a two month old grandson took precedence over my hatred of cold weather.......