Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It occurred to me this morning that hair seems to be very important to most people. It used to be for me.

Men worry about going bald and women worry about their hair always looking good. Is their cut right? Is the color right? Is the style dated? Etc. etc. etc. I don't think men worry about any of that other then going bald. In truth, I think bald is sexy as do many women.

So the subject comes up for me to write about because I went for "maintenance" on my hair last evening. I go to my hippy dippy hair dresser here. It is a happening every time. He's funny, full of information and fun to know.

The funniest part of going to get my hair done - colored, trimmed, curled - is that I never, and I mean never know what color I'm going to be when I leave.

Now there was a time when that would have really, really bothered me. But not any more. I look at it as a "life adventure". I'm supposed to be auburn. I seldom am now. Today I'm almost a brunette - funny.........

You see, all of this used to be important before my daughter had cancer and lost her hair. It was very traumatic when her beautiful blond tresses disappeared. But what we learned was that was the least of our worries. It was only hair and it would grow back some day. What a learning experience that was for all of us. We all cut our hair short at the time. It was a show of support and it really didn't matter to me if I did or didn't have much hair.

So, I diddy bop into Jose's and let him play and work his magic.

"Life is a either a daring adventure or nothing" Helen Keller


vandy said...

I remember one time when it was "Loooosy, I'm home." I liked it.

Babs said...

Yes Vandy, I remember the Lucy episode fact I referred to it the other day as the Clarabelle the Clown episode. Ha.

Kay Cox said...

Hmmm...brunette, now there's a thought! But you are so is only hair and it grows back, out, down and sometimes even up.

Felipe said...

My hair decides what color it will be. It seems to have chosen plata, which ain´t bad. It chose black a few decades ago, and then it changed its mind. Dunno why. It´s like a woman. But down here below the hairline, I remain a man.

Islagringo said...

Sometimes you just make me laugh out loud! Thanks.

Rebecca said...

I clipped my hair down to a buzz cut military style when my husband Garry had cancer. Barely could see any hair at all. It was very freeing. Very liberating. People thought I was daring, but it gave me comfort and assurance. And I said exactly what you did: Hey, it's only hair. It'll grow back. Cancer makes you put things in perspective.

Felipe said...

Following Rebecca´s lead, I did a buzz cut after my divorce in 1995. It really feels fine. You get up in the morning and you have to do, well, nada on your noggin. You just charge right into the day.

I recommend it whether you´re in the dumps or not. I´ve been thinking about doing it again. It´s a good-mood style too.