Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Velcro" has a message



"Oh no, not again". Velcro the cat seems to be saying. She might be saying, "Take me with you!", but I doubt it. After all she is the scout of the canyon. Always on the lookout for something that moves.

I think it is so interesting that animals let you know, without words, but by actions what they're thinking. Velcro sure does. My dog Flash used to do the same thing. But her way of letting me know she wanted to go was to hop in the passenger seat of the car the minute I opened the door to load the car. It was so darn funny. She would sit like a person straight up looking out the windshield. The WHOLE time, just hoping she was going. She usually was - she was a great co-pilot.

But cats are different. I can't imagine subjecting Velcro to being in a different environment from the canyon, the school and all her normal haunts. I see her leave in the morning with a purpose. She returns mid day, stretches on the chaise in the sun and eventually, after a good siesta, comes in to eat. What a life!

Come to think of it, it's MY life!

See you on down the road..........
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Calypso said...

That's a 'take me along' setup if I ever saw one.

Laurie said...

Ahhh, the life of a feline! I miss my orange tabby who died shortly before the Great Adventure in Honduras. Enjoy!

Kay Cox said...

What is it about cats and suitcases! They act so independent and only pay us any attention when they decide it appropriate for them UNTIL we make notions about leaving and pull out the suitcases. Then they park in them with a "take me" look.

JenZen said...

I have three gatos and they have push battles for prime suitcase space. I always appear on my travels with cat hairs woven throughout my suitcase and no amount of tape-hair remover will ever remove them all...irritating at first...then, half-way through my trip, I start looking at the hairs longingly and know it is time to go home to see my family.