Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Will the last person in British Columbia turn out the lights!

I have met no one but Canadians since arriving in Melaque - well other then the local Mexicans! The cars cruising the streets have plates that say "Ontario", "Calgary", "Yukon Territory" Kamaloop, "British Columbia" over and over. Good gosh, Mexico has been invaded. Not by those blood sucking Norte Americanos, but, by the Canadians.

Nice people. Unassuming. Friendly. NOT loud dressers or talkers. Just lots of them. It appears that they all come back to the same place year after year after year. There are big hugs and welcomes. Drinks and long conversations among them out by the pool. Interesting to observe.

I actually have met two couples now. The one from the Yukon Territory and another from Calgary yesterday. He is a freelance photographer. His wife is a nurse. Interesting stories about his assignments in Bahrain and Yemen.........

Melaque merchants are thrilled, polite and dazzled by the amount of tourists in town. It seems that the Mexican families have gone home just in time for the siege of the Canadians.

It must be empty up around Vancouver if the number of BC plates is any indication.

So, if there are any of you still up there, stand up and be counted! OR come on down and join your countrymen and women.


Calypso said...

There are few places to get warm right now amiga - I imagine any place that gets above 75F and not below 65F is crowded with people trying to get warm

Anonymous said...

Here I came from Canada to San Miguel to see you and you off and go to the beach for more Canadians. Colour, cheque, neighbour... so many similarities and so many differences. It is freezing here. I am wearing a bedspread and a rug said...

I think you must be in the only place in North American that isn't freezing. Having been to the Yukon, I can't imagine living there even 4 months out of the year.