Sunday, January 03, 2010


Melaque is a little dusty, seaside town just thirty miles north of Manzanillo. Not pretty at all. Unless you're looking out at the ocean or the cocoanut palms, banana plantations or the mountain ranges in close proximity.

I've taken lots of photos already - of daily life - and will attept to download them to my friend's laptop. But, those of you who know me, know that me and electronics don't mix well.

We'll see what happens in a few days.

In the meantime, I must tell you that Melaque is HOPPING. Tour busloads of Mexican tourists have been offloading all over the place. The streets are crowded. The beachs have plenty of people. There has even been a traffic cop directing traffic at the intersection of "whatchamacallit" street and "who knows" avenue.

It doesn't seem like the town has changed much in the three years since I was last here, just more tourists. Lots FROM ALASKA AND CANADA. Today I made a total fool of myself - kinda like Sarah Palin, god forbid. I had no idea where the Yukon Territory is and thought it was in Alaska........well, heck I'm not a cold weather person, so what can I say? I'm sticking to that theory.........The couple said that when it is 20 below they are in shirt sleeves because in comparison to 52 below, it's warm. My jaw dropped..........can you imagine?

There are so many vendors driving by seliing anything you could imagine and then this afternoon a man whose wife cooks at home came by selling margaritas, pina coladas and shrimp on a stick. How enterprising is that?

Uh oh, I hear the man yelling "ice cream" - gotta go. See you on down the line.
With photos, I hope.


ccinha said...

You could never make a fool of yourself like Sarah Palin.

Michael Dickson said...

I´ve never heard anybody call Melaque "not pretty at all" before. But you´re right. I´ve been there, briefly, a drive-through, just once and was mightily unimpressed. La Manzanilla, just north a tad, is far nicer, I think. But far smaller and nothing much to do except to enjoy the ocean.

Babs said...

Thanks ccinha - I would hope NOT
Yes Felipe, the first time I came to Melaque, I said, Never again, but accomodations are VERY reasonable here I am! but since my cell phone is "blocked" here, I doubt I'll be back.......

Life's a Beach! said...

Can't wait to see photos! I have an acquaintance who's been going to Melaque for years, so I'm actually glad to hear your perception of it. I'm always looking for new beach destinations in Mexico. said...

Oh want me to eat my heart out. We put plants in the garage, covered the azaleas and checked the coverings on the outdoor faucets and preparing to hunker down for temps in the 20s, possible snow and ice again. But today was beautiful and I do cold and dry better than hot and humid.