Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy Doing Nothing

I've been so busy doing nothing that I haven't had time to post! I've really gotten into the rhythm........Ii've gone from unstressed to "sloth status" in 14 days.

Trust me there is a lot to do when you're doing nothing! It starts with coffee in the morning out on the beach watching the tide go out or come in or whatever. Watching the color of the sky change as the sun comes over the mountains. Someone has to do that to make sure the day starts..........

Then there is securing your chaise for sunbathing and reading for the day. Possession includes putting your towel over the chaise so none of the others claim it. Then sunbathing is hard work. One must flip from time to time to make sure one is evenly brown. I look more and more like well cooked toast.

Somewhere during the day food sometimes enters the equation so a sandwich or something must be prepared in order to have sustenance for doing nothing. If one doesn't want to eat, one can have liquid refreshment. There is always the ice cream man, the pina colada man - well, you get the picture - you don't even have to leave your chaise. They come to you! Life is rough........

If one REALLY doesn't want to do "nothing", you can drive up to Tenacatita Bay and elevate doing nothing to a whole other level. There one just lays in the chaise or goes out in the water.......or walks the beach all the while being provided with food or drink.

The above photo was taken while doing nothing. Please note that at the moment the pelican is doing nothing also........

So, if anyone ever asks you what one does when spending a month at the beach - it's nothing. It sure is a lot of fun!


Steve Cotton said...

Ah. You just described my life for the last nine months. But I am stating to feel the urge to do SOMETHING.

Todd said...

Look Out!

We are headed to the beach on Sunday!


Felipe said...

It´s pouring cats and dogs in Pátzcuaro. Wish I were at the beach.

Steve: Plenty of things to do in San Miguel. Just ask Ms. Babs.

Kay Cox said...

About 3 days of that and I would go nuts plus probably be blistered even with a ph 30 glad that you can do it, somebody has to. Are you doing all this nothing all alone? That doesn't sound like you...somebody take this woman's temp. I'm hanging on to books for you for now but am approaching giant "get rid of" for spring mood.

Babs said...

Todd, we're at bungalows Mayorca. The "we" is me, my friends Ron and Fred and my "novio" who will arrive on Monday. We look forward to seeing you and your beautiful bride.
Kay, DON'T, por favor, get rid of the books - stick them if possible in the closet in "my room", ha.
Steve, see you Saturday or Sunday.
Now we can have a mini blog get together since Todd is coming o town also.! Yee ha.

Tom and Debi said...

It takes a LOT of effort to do nothing well. But isn't that what we worked so hard for - the ability to do what we want when we want?
I love that, when people say what have you been up to and you say oh nothin but you've been going nonstop...Ain't life grand!