Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The "Hogan Six Pack"


I often talk about the Gypsy Kids in Colorado. Here is the rest of the family in Texas (escept for little Christopher. My daughter Julie, her husband and all the kids. Julie dubbed the family "The Hogan Six Pack" and I just love that. It works.

I didn't get to talk to them on Thanksgiving so imagine my delight when my granddaughter Jessica posted this photo on Facebook. I was and am thrilled. At first I thought they were sitting in the backyard on the deck, but, on closer inspection, this is taken on the roof outside one of the bedrooms!

I presume they were all up there to hang the Christmas lights on the house - a family tradition. As I have looked at this photo many times since Friday, I have relished the thought of all the traditions that my daughter has established for her family and all the joy they all have in sharing those times. Baking the Christmas cookies and making a gingerbread house is usually one of those. I too enjoy baking for the holidays and for friends.

I love to go to Julie's house during the holidays. She decorates every room in such a creative and clever way. It's always fun to see. So, although I won't be sharing the holidays with them this year, I know they will be enjoying their family traditions. And, so life goes on! Isn't it wonderful?
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Calypso said...

Wow lots of grandchildren - cool!

Babs said...

Yup Calypso and of course, as you know there are a couple more around! And one more to be added.......Life is good.