Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Patsy's Place

I've been out to Patsy's Place several times. Her story is one of "if you build it, they will come". Each time I make the trek out there I think, "How in the world did she find this land in the middle of nowhere". And I do mean in the middle of nowhere. Once you go off the main highway and through a tiny village you're on dirt paths for quite a while. If there weren't signs you would never find it. BUT once you arrive, it is warm, cozy, and best of all FABULOUS food.

Patsy is a caterer of renown in and around San Miguel. If there is a party to go to, most of the time, Patsy is there catering. And, believe me, SHE is in the kitchen cooking from scratch. None of this preprepared stuff.

I was out there yesterday for a Day of the Dead program on the symbolism of the altars. As we arrived there was the path of flowers to lead us through the gardens to the house. Such a poignant touch.
As usual, Patsy was in her kitchen putting the finishing touches on the chicken salad with pomegranate seeds, homemade breads and the most delicious soup I think I've ever eaten. YUM. Dessert was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Double YUM. Good thing I went to the gym yesterday morning.......

There were about 40 or 50 of us there. An absolutely delightful escape. Good friends, good conversation and GREAT food.
On the way home we passed a small feed lot. I've seen it before with the cattle, but this time the entire fence was ringed with white egrets or "cow birds" as we call them in Texas. Click on the photo to make it larger and it looks like the two guys on the left are having a conversation. The sight made me laugh out loud.
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Love the bird photo.

What kind of soup?