Saturday, October 10, 2009

ONLY in Mexico!

I'm giggling to myself as I write happened on Thursday. I was rushing to get to the gym to work out with a new trainer. As I pulled up to the gym there was a place right in front. Wow, that never happens. I usually have to park on a side street and walk back to the gym.
So, I started to zip into the place, since I was almost late. I was trying to be careful not to get on the sidewalk when IT happened. My car sank into a hole and totally encased the front left tire.
Holy smokes, was I surprised! I got out and looked. Yup, my tire had disappeared into a deep hole. So I tried backing up - ha - no way.

A few people were watching from the doorway of the gym. Out came the trainer who was waiting for me. He took one look at my face and made the little sign that means "Just a minute" and went back in. I stood there, not too worried, because things usually work out in Mexico. At that moment out came five body builders. Big burly guys. They told me to start up the car. I did. And with that they lifted up the front end of my car and I went backward out of the hole...........OMG, I so wanted them to wait a minute so I could take their photo, but I knew that was too much to ask. They were all laughing and saluting and showing me their muscles. I too was laughing.

I moved the car to the street. Went in, did the "workout from hell", but with a smile inside my heart and a grimace on my face.

IF I had been in the states, I probably would have had to get a tow truck and pay a zillion dollars.

It's so cool the silly little day to day things that you never forget. This will be one of them.

ONLY in Mexico.


jennifer rose said...

My worst nightmare! You've obviously picked the right gym.

Michael Dickson said...

I bet they would have loved to pose.

Robin in Atlanta said...

Babs, you are so lucky!! In Atlanta whole cars have been swallowed up by sink holes - of course, there are never any muscle men around when you need them!! Guess you'll have to keep parking around the coner and walk a bit!! Hugs, Robin

anilu said...

Babs, in your September blog about people watching the parade (Independence Day) the lady in the picture looks exactly like my mother. I'm curious to know who the lady is. Can you tell me on what street the house is in. I want to know her history, and since I have friends in SMA they can help me find out who she is, because the resemblance is intriguing. Email me privately wen you can. Saludos Anilu

Babs said...

Well Jennifer, luckily this wasn't my worst nightmare......Felipe I didn't even think of that....I'm walking for sure Robin
Anilu, I'm not sure if you mean the woman on the balcony or the woman sitting on the stool eating the hamburger. The street was San Francisco right behind the jardin. i couldn't figure out how to email you privately, sorry.

Calypso said...

Leave to our Babs to get five hunks all riled up thus needing to lift the bumper of car - you go girl (oh and I think you could have had that experience parked in front of any gym - a cute girl like you.

Unknown said...

You have written about one of my worst nightmares in Honduras. There's a road going to the airport that has a sinkhole near the edge of the street. It has swallowed tires, stones, gravel, etc, but it keeps growing. I think whole nations could fit in that hole. Has anyone seen Belize lately?

Babs said...

Calypso, thanks for the compliment, but I can assure you when I go to the gym, with no makeup and my hair crammed up on top of my head,I do NOT look "cute". But thanks for thinking that is possible, ha.