Monday, October 12, 2009

How do "they" know?

It's a mystery to me how the State of Guanajuato knows my personal email address. I have another one, that is on a Prodigy account. THAT one I wouldn't have been surprised to receive an email at, but the personal one, yes.

2010 is coming. The signs went up at least six months ago. The road from Queretaro to Delores Hidalgo is being widened to four lane for all the people who are supposedly going to flock to our area. I hope they are right, well maybe.

So, what I received from the State of Guanajuato is all the information currently available on all the festivities and events planned for the next year. In fact when I turned on the computer this morning, this site reminded me that it is 338 dias, 14 hr, 47 min, 44 seconds to something. It IS a big year. It IS the celebration not only of the Centenial of the Revolution, but the Bicentenial of Independence. (Their spelling, not mine)

Here's the website if you too want to be "in the know".


Michael Dickson said...

I´ll bet you left your email address on some official site way back when, and you forgot it.

Four-laner from Querétaro to Dolores? And passing through SMA? I´m confused.

Babs said...

Possible......Yup - 4 lanes from Q-town to SMA, going around on the libremento which is already a quagmire at certain times of the day. Then 4 lanes to Dolores! Talk about a nightmare next will be like having the Olympics here I think I'll head somewhere else for an extra room?

Tancho said...

"The State" knows more about you than you think!
Just a matter of time that SM will be jam packed with poor drivers.....

Calypso said...

I find there are several Mexican government people reading both the Forum and my Blog - we are after all interesting people - no?