Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tattoo Tammy Creates "bonecycles"

In May, while in Madrid, NM, I met Tattoo Tammy. She knew quite a few people in our outsider group. She had created an outsider environment on land that she leased but the owners decided they didn't want the environment on their property any more and Tammy had to move. It was devastating to her. She had worked on the area for many, many years. I never saw the environment. Only heard about it. What I didn't know at the time is that Tammy creates these "bonecycles". The one above is 12" by 6" and I can't think of any biker who wouldn't want one. All are made from found objects that she finds in the desert. This one is from racoon bones, bull snake and other desert critters. To me it almost looks like ivory. I wanted to share this with you because it seems that today I rarely see something that is so unique and creative made from natural materials.
The "bonecycles" cost in the neighborhood of $550 to $650 US dollars. IF you are interested, contact Narrow Larry seen above at and he'll track down Tattoo Tammy.
While I was in Madrid she arrived in an old, old long car of some kind with quite a few animals who were living in the car. I don't know how Larry finds her, but obviously he does. He now is the proud owner of the above photographed "bonecycle".
You just never know what the next blog will be i- who ever thought I would be writing a blog about "bonecycles"?


Anonymous said...

wow-that is one cool cycle. quite unique as you said.

have a great weekend babs.


Anonymous said...

I would not have imagined that these materials combined could create something so cool.

Thanks for sharing with us.