Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Hard Headed Woman

I have been referred by this moniker more times then I can count. It proved true today. Very true. $1678 pesos true. Now before I tell you this, let me just say that this has been one of the weirdest years of my life.

Whooping cough, failed romances, attacking scorpions, 3600 mile road trips and NOW, NOW I have a dizzy spell, spin around and fall forehead first into the wall along the stairwell outside my bathroom. I realized I was feeling dizzy but the next thing I knew I heard a crack as my head and the wall collided. "How the heck did that happen?", I said to myself. I had just gotten out of the shower - was getting dressed to go to the gym and WHAM. I knew the first thing to do was to get ice on whatever had just happened. I traipsed upstairs grabbed one of those plastic glasses that freezes the water between two layers of plastic and gently, oh so gently laid it on my head. THEN I looked in the mirror. I shouldn't have.

The head had a golf ball size, and I do NOT exaggerate, raised place on it above the right eye. Then thinking it best to lie down, I did. Mental exercises came to mind to make sure that I hadn't knocked my brains out. Ok, I could do mathematical tables in my head. I knew my name and the day and date. Whew, my brains were still intact.

About an hour later, much to my surprise, out of the blue, my maid Josefina appeared. She is recuperating from cervical cancer surgery. I was shocked, really to see her. AND she was shocked to see me...........very. She said I had to go to the hospital. She went and got TM to come over from his casa and he agreed, "I needed to go to have my head examined.""

That brings up all the times that has been said to me too. Ok, ok, you have to see the humor here. Upon arrival at the hospital, the Doctor appeared. OMG was he good looking! Then I knew I hadn't lost my mind......ha.

X-rays, lab work and I'm fine. "Rest, liquids and, call if anything changes," were the admonitions after four hours of observation. Total cost for the emergency room, all the tests and the Dr's
fee 1678 pesos.

THIS was definitely NOT how I intended to spend today. I'm fine, I'm fine - no sympathies are needed. I can just hardly wait to see what is going to happen in the future. Thankfully we don't know, and it's a good thing!


summergirl said...

Sorry about the fall, was wondering where you were. Guess there was cause for concern. Dod the Dr. suggest any reason for the dizzy spell? Hope all continues to be well.

zannie said...

When I was younger (a child and into my early 20's) I used to frequently get light-headed if I took too hot of a shower. Unfortunately I liked hot showers. :P I think I was told it had something to do with blood pressure. I have always had "low end of normal" blood pressure, and I guess the steam makes it drop even further. I don't know why it doesn't seem to happen anymore, whether it's because my blood pressure isn't so low now or what, but I still avoid saunas.

Anyway, you said you'd just taken a shower, so maybe that had something to do with it.

canadiangrl said...

Okay, no sympathy here Ms. Babs.

But, glad to hear that you were seen by the dr today. Good idea to stay well hydrated - dehydration can cause or worsen lightheadedness and hopefully you can get some seems like life has been real busy for you lately!

Take care

Tancho said...

Glad you are ok, don't do that again!
You just saved about 4000 dollars if you had been in Texas, so there was a bittersweet positive side.....
Have a nice glass of wine, take it easy and enjoy tomorrow.

Robin said...

Just goes to show you: NEVER shower BEFORE the gym!! Save water, shower after! Maybe dehydration, you have to drink alot of water to stay healthy. Wonderful you had so many people around you to help, including the muy guapo medico. Hope you are feeling fine now - Hugs, Robin

Christine said...

My aunt and a girlfriend have a condition having to do with the inner ear that makes them intermitently dizzy. You can look it up on the internet. my aunts went away. My girlfriend has to be careful not to make certain sudden movements with her head.

vandy said...

Was he single?

Calypso said...

I was thinking the same as Robin - shower AFTER the workout!

In any case be careful Amiga.

Unknown said...

Was he willing and able?

Billie Mercer said...

Would you please stay in one piece until I can get back to SMA?

Islagringo said...

Have you ever noticed that all of these bad things that happen to you do so when you are naked?

Richard said...

Babs, I can't not say this -

Did it knock any sense into you?

Girl, you do the darnest things. You are sort of like a cross between Joan Crawford (determination) Rita Hayworth (looks) and Lucille Ball (antics)

Babs said...

To all, the Dr. called today to check on me and to tell me the lab results said I'm in GREAT condition....Thanks for all of your ideas and suggestions.
Wayne, I'll STOP running around naked and Vandy, I must have brain damage - I forgot to find out if he was single......
Billie I'm TRYING - things just keep leaping at me or in front of me!
Richard, you are so funny! Hopefully it DID knock some sense into me, ha. AND Rita, Joan and Lucy - wow, what a combination.
Dana - I don't know, but I wouldn't have minded finding out...Aren't I terrible?
Right now I look like the Phantom of the Opera without the mask. Horrible! Truly. I'm thinking of draping all the mirrors in the house with fabric for mourning. Oy vey, I sure look bad.

Michael Dickson said...

Glad you recovered with ease.

Suzanne said...

Glad you are ok. I had to laugh out loud at the doing math tables and repeating your name.

Can you tell us which emergency room you went to and were you happy with how it went?


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a handsome doctor to make you feel better right away!

Hope you make a speedy recovery. Clearly your sense of humor wasn't injured.


Kim G
Boston, MA said...

Catching up again....good grief! Can't leave you alone for a minute. Only fair that you add a picture of the black eye. What did Matilda say about Granny's eye? And why the dizzy spell, senora?