Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adjusting to Life

Life is fascinating, isn't it? I find this "adjusting" thing hilariously funny, most of the time. Flexibility is the key, me thinks.

Anyone who has been single for a long time and then connects with someone will understand what I'm saying. It's incorporating the way someone else does things, versus your time and true method.

This last week has been a time to laugh as two Rams (we're both Aries) have butted heads. Whew. It is a learning experience.

Since I shipped and exported for twenty years, I know the ins and outs of trucking lingo and customs attitudes, etc. Getting three large trunks packed to ship to Mexico has had dynamics I would never have thought of........... It has been a learning experience.

A simple example. Since I used to have 5 or 6 eighteen wheelers showing up at a jobsite for staging for a project, I'm used to staging everything of like manner together. It certainly doesn't have to be that way, but for me it is a systematic way. It hasn't really happened that way in packing these trunks. But, the fascinating part is all three trunks left today, packed and ready to go, in whatever manner was used. It certainly didn't have to be my way.

I'm one who when I have a job to do, nearly kill myself getting it done. I don't stop and rest but just go, go, go until it is all done and then collapse. Not TM. He works a while and then does something else. I like his way.....it's way more restful.

The bottom line is that you are "never too old to learn". Or, "You CAN teach an old dog new tricks". Amazing! We sure have laughed a lot at the silliness of some of this. Most of the time...


Ron Stephens said...

Just put a photo on Google, and want to see how bad it is.

Rita said...

A little yin yang goes a long way. My husband is Aries. I can't image a male and female Aries trying to do something. YIKES!! But it sounds like your're having fun trying.

Jan said...

Good luck. There will be more fun to come!

Anonymous said...

i'm like tm-do a little then take a break. like right now i should be packing since i am moving tomorrow, but here i am reading and commenting on your blog. we completely forgot about renting a u-haul, hopefully, since it's the middle of the week, there will be some available tomorrow. i's been a crazy 4 days since i got back from fl. but slowly but surely things are getting done.

so glad to hear things are going so well and that you and tm are having fun, even if you don't always agree on everything.

take care,

Babs said...

"One day at a time" is my motto these days.