Thursday, June 04, 2009

Serendipitous Events

It's funny how when you're open to life so many "six degrees of separation" things happen in your life. Some examples:

I have known a couple on the Eyeopener Tours for at least eight years. We always enjoy each other's company and they are very involved in the Orange Show arena. He is an author with many published works and she is on the board of the OS. Our conversations usually center around outsider art. So imagine my surprise when he showed a new book to me on the Aftermath of Hurricane Ike. I looked at it and was struck by its poignancy. I immediately thought of my friends in Galveston and said, "Oh my friend Vandy needs to see this". The author said, "Vandy ----------" I know my mouth flew open in surprise. Their connection was so bizarre and involved, its way too long to put into a blog. BUT I immediately called Vandy and
Sue. We all had dinner at the Artillery Club. What's that you ask? Go to Click on the sign to enlarge the information to find out about one of the oldest artillery brigades founded before the Civil War. The book on Ike is being presented to the appropriate people in Galveston.......Small world.

Add to that, that I was berating myself driving to Kingwood for not having ordered another pair of my favorite Merrill sandals. The present ones are nearly worn out. I missed a turn, decided to stop in a store for something else and lo and behold, the black Merrills were there - $40 less then if I had ordered them online. Sweet.

The final serendipitous event involved my discussing with my granddaughter the music I like. I mentioned the theft of my favorite CDs from my car. I said in particular there was one singer that I had not been able to replace - Eva Cassidy. She got a strange look on her face and told me that that is the favorite entertainer of her 19year old boyfriend. Who would ever imagine that? He came by the house, I told him the story. He went home and brought a burned CD back within an hour. On it is "Fields of Gold". Among others........Aaaaah.

Oh my, I'm so happy to have my sandals and the CD that I can hardly stand it. Especially since I didn't expect either. They say there are "no accidental events" in life. It's all destiny. How lucky am I?


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

super lucky! enjoy the music!

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- I am convinced that event in our lives is merely the setup for a sunsequent punchline.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you're reading my mail.

Can totally relate on all accounts...the strange connection between unmutual friends, the "Dang I missed my turn, but glad I did", and the kindness of souls much younger than I.

And aren't we getting a weird break from the normal humidity here in the Houston area.!

Diving into any Homegrown tomatoes while you're in Texas?