Friday, June 26, 2009

The Art of Diane Moreno

There is no way to explain what motivates people to become artists. In the case of Diane Moreno, it was happenstance, in a way. She was an insurance claims adjuster in Wichita who went to Taos for some cooking classes. She felt an instant connection to the land and in 1988 left Kansas to move to a rundown adobe house without running water or indoor plumbing. She wanted to make art and make a living at it. She has. The photo above is the view from out of her studio/showroom. That is the Pecos River. So tranquil.
The views as we walked down the hill to get our bus after visiting with Diane were so beautiful. Below is the house she has little by little fixed up and lives in to this day.

And, the only piece of folkart that I bought on the whole trip was the piece below - which is amazing for me. Her title is "My Heart Belongs in Texas".

Not sure where she is going to hang, but I really do like her. Diane's work is using old tin cans which are her limbs and head and of course the Texas 1966 license plate for the body. I love the red heart and the fancy red shoes. Also tin cans. Cool isn't it? She's about 16 inches high. She also makes beautiful cabinets out of found wood. Truly beautiful.

Diane still has an outhouse.
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Charley said...

That's a mighty fine rock wall she has around her adobe home. Maybe she built it herself?

Photo of the artist?

1st Mate said...

An outhouse?! And it really gets cold in Taos, last time I was there it snowed! She's definitely a tough and dedicated woman.

Babs said...

No photo of the artist Charley but I'm sure you can "google" her. She was very petite and cute. I have no idea about the wall.
Yes 1st Mate the snow had just left that part of N.M. just 5 weeks before and the outhouse was NOT close to the house. But, she does have electricity now....

Kay Cox said...

I love this piece! My kind of art. When I was at Synergia Ranch the last time, it snowed overnight and it was an interesting trek to the outhouse. I understand they have upgraded to flush but the outhouses still stand alone. One has a great view of Santa Fe if you dare to leave the door open.