Saturday, May 09, 2009


I am SO proud of Houston! I was downtown last night at Discovery Green......and it
Green grass, green trees, beautiful lawns and water features everywhere. Add to that the fact that the Rockets and the Astros were playing nearby and downtown was "hopping". And, I do mean "hopping".

Little ones were leaping through the "water feature" that is reminiscent of us running through the sprinklers as kids. Adults were strolling and looking at the art cars parked everywhere. Some guys who imitate the Blues Brothers (and looked like them) were singing with their sound system, etc. on a corner and then there was a band near one of the restaurants. In addition, somehow they transplanted an allee of old, old oaks to create a magnificent walkway and the whole thing was near perfection.

I was amazed and awed that an old, ugly warehouse and parking lot area had been transformed into an area to attract multi-generations. What a delight!

We sat on the lawn after looking at all the cars, then listened to the music and saw a film about art car parades all over the world. I ran into people I know and had an inkling that this is Houston's answer to the jardins of Mexico. There certainly was a lot of parading going on.

So, if you get to Houston, make a point of going down in the evening and just strolling. Enjoy the
fragrance of the gardenias and other plantings. See the boats floating on the ponds and have a drink or two at The Grove. It is well worth it.

By the way, my friends that I went with decided, without reading the blog, that we needed to go to Tony Mandola's for dinner. I got a chuckle out of that after the comment of a reader of the blog.

I took lots of photos of the people sitting at the bar at Tony Mandola's-the art cars-and, Discovery Green. However, as you know, you'll have to wait til I get back home in Mexico in order to be able to post them on the blog - darn. But, anything worth having is worth waiting for........Right?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog...I've read so much about the Grove, didn't know if I should believe all the hype. Have passed by, never stopped in. We'll go have some grub there and promenade, and see what happens.
This update just in from East's May 9th and I haven't turned the AC on at home, yet. I've got trees and 2 porches, and I'm holding out til it kills me. DanaJ

Michael Dickson said...

My old home town has changed a lot in recent years, all for the better. I wish I could afford to live there. I´d return in a flash.

If only somebody would pay my utility bills and tax bills and medical insurance and . . .

I have no idea, however, where this Discovery Green area is.

Babs said...

Go, we didn't eat in the restaurant as we were at Tony Mandola's - but I can't imagine any place that Robert Del Grande owns wouldn't be wonderful....and as for no A/C - God bless you! I have nearly frozen to death in every establishment I've been in in the last two weeks, restaurants especially. I'be got my winter pjs with me and have had to wear them at the homes I've been staying at...
Yes, Felipe, Houston is shining! Discovery Green is directly in front of the Convention Center. WAAAAAAAAAAAy Cool. Oh, and the House of Blues is here now - hope to drop in, if possible.
Yes, I have always loved Houston, I don't care what anyone says - if I could afford it, me too.

Anonymous said...

Re-reading my post...I'm not holding out til it kills me, but for as long as I can. And May 9th is the longest I've ever held on.
Would I recognize any restaurants that had your Babs designer stamp on them?
Who eats out the MOST?
A Houstonian or an ExPat in SMA? Atleast we don't insult the industry by blogging about the cheapest places to eat.
Oh, and Coming Back Full Circle to your post about Green Leafy Houston,may I be so bold as to suggest SHADE in the heights for Sunday Brunch or any night. Their food has charmed me. Also, the waiter Darin, but that's another story.

Billie Mercer said...

Babs, I love Houston too. It is a great city. I still get a thrill when I see that skyline rising up on the gulf plains. And the people are pretty wonderful too. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy Houston and SMA.

Babs said...

Ahh Dana - glad you're going to turn the air on. I'm on the 19th floor and because the upper and lower units must have their AC on freezing, I have no a/c on!
Yes you would probably know many of the restaurants that I did over the years....over 70 in Houston alone! Shade is wonderful and the owner is a friend. I LOVE the Heights, among other places in Houston.
Houstonians eat out the most! I swear....I haven't been anyplace that hasn't been packed - no matter the price point. With over 14,000 food establishments, there is certainly something for everyone. I used dto say designing restaurants was like being in the funeral business, I would never run out of business....and I didn't! Ha. said...

Okay, we have to make the trip downtown to Discovery Green.