Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Eccentricity as an Art Form

Texans are masters of the grand gesture. Both in their personalities, their actions and this weekend, in their rolling works of art known as Art Cars. Two hundred and fifty wacky, wild vehicles (and I use that term loosely) will roll down Allen Parkway to the delight of all who see or participate in this spectacle of creativity. I can't wait. It's a barrel of fun.

One year I went to the pre-party and the theme was "mechanic chic". Hmmm, you should have seen the outfits. The person that capped off the night ,however, was a rollerskater with long legs and hubcaps placed in all the strategic places. It was art at its finest, ha.

I've always been delighted with the eccentric people I have known and/or just read about. I do treasure my eccentric friends (and, they know who they are)! But, some of those famous eccentrics such as Ann Richards, Marvin Zindler, Molly Ivins and my friend Racehorse Haynes are or were the mark of a Texan.

Once when I was helping out with a charity golf tournament, Racehorse Haynes and several of us sat on the floor one night and listened to stories of his escapades. One of the funniest was the first time he won a case. His fee, probably his smallest ever, was $100. Boy was he thrilled. He told the people he wanted to be paid in $1 bills. So he took those $1 bills and carefully covered the top of his desk. Then he called his buddies to come have a drink to celebrate with him. He said that midway through the evening he noticed the bills were disappearing, rapidly. So, he called a halt to the gathering and never did that again. Of course I can't possibly tell it as funny as Racehorse could, but it was hilarious that night. He turned out to be a great friend and was instrumental at a crucial time in helping my daughter Jennifer........and wouldn''t take a cent.

Yes, I heartily agree that Texans are a different breed. AND, there are a million more stories to tell.


1st Mate said...

I'd have loved to hang out with Molly Ivins and Ann Richards. Maybe in the Great Hereafter. said...

See you at the parade. Can you borrow a yard chair from your brother? Just remember to pee before you come...the lines at the Porta potties are always a mile long.

Babs said...

Oh, me too First Mate! Something to look forward to........
Kay, I'll see ya'll there!