Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Steps

I'm SO glad I'm back in Texas! I'm taking baby steps to get back "into the groove". You know all those things you HAVE to do when you return from a two week trip - laundry, gas for the car, checking on emails and of course, Bloggers. Oh yes, and I lost my drivers license in the Denver airport so that was another chore - taken care of today......... The trip was great! The visit with the "Gypsy Kids" was great fun. Lots more to share about that in the coming weeks. (The little baby feet are Matilda's). Note how she ALWAYS crosses her legs. Too cute.
Then there was the "Eye -chantment Trip to New Mexico". It was a blast........an eyestanding, eye-opening trip. More on that too as the weeks go by and the photos roll in from the camera- toting other travelers. I finally stopped photographing and decided to wait for their photos. Well, I did take close to 300 photos over the last 6 weeks......a few you have seen.

So, I'm back. It was nearly 24/7 for five days of fun. It appears that in the last two days, any time I get near the bed, I fall on it and sleep for a couple of hours. Oh dear, am I starting to slow down?

For the next few days I'm going to enjoy the slow pace of naps, laying out in the sun, having a toddy out on the deck in the evenings and watching the surf in Galveston. With my feet crossed, just like Baby Matilda.


picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Precious photos. Glad you are down wiggling your toes in the sand. Can't you stay over for Artwalk on Saturday night? We are coming down for it and I hope to connect with Lee Runion...haven't seen him since Ike. He lost his job, his car and a good part of his studio...I have loaded up ephemera from my studio to take to him. He did the fish in my breakfast room that you love and I would love for you to meet him.

Babs said...

I met Lee a couple of years ago. Have fun.