Thursday, April 09, 2009

Movin', Movin', Movin'

If any of you have seen the movie Madagascar, there is a theme song titled the same as this blog.

My grandkids and I always dance, or sashay as we say in Texas, out of the theater with that music in our ears.

So, I'm "movin', movin', movin," down the road for the Month of May and possibly some of June.

Heck, I might leave even sooner and hang out at South Padre for a week before I roll into Houston and Galveston. I DO need some beach time and walking time on the sand. Time for reflection, which is always best near the water.

I'm going to hang out in Houston and Galveston with the gang and the family. Then I'm going to fly to Denver and onward to Ft. Collins to hug and snuggle with Matilda Isabella. It sure will be better this time and I pray the temperatures will be significantly higher then the 8 degrees when I was there in December.

THEN I'm flying to Albuquerque to hook up with outsider art collectors for an Eyeopener Tour of New Mexico. All kinds of wild and wacky things planned with that bunch of friends. It was meant to be - one seat left, just for me! I've traveled with these people many times and what fun it is...........

I'll then fly back to Houston and I have no idea what my plans will be by then, because it will be the end of May. Hopefully in all of that time I can sail. I have a GREAT need to be on the water - GREAT NEED.

Doesn't that all sound like fun? It will be. I'm not letting any grass grow on these gypsy feet!


vandy said...

Your beach awaits.

1st Mate said...

South Padre! Woo hoo! That was my favorite place when I was growing up! I'd love to see a photo of those beautiful white dunes, if you can risk getting sand in your camera. Glad to hear you're hitting the road, looks like an excellent thing to do right now. A grandbaby, gorgeous New Mexico...estoy celoso!

Steve Cotton said...

When I was in officer training school, we went to Padre to surf. Great memories. May you create more of your own.

comitan said...

Always find the diamonds that sparkle on the blue sea are the most valuable and healing. That's why they were put there

BajaDove the other side of Comitan

Babs said...

Vandy - I'm on my way...soon, very very soon.
South Padre is way cool - dunes, not many people and lots of sand to walk......LOTS!
Comitan - Beautifully written - WHERE is Comitan?

comitan said...


This is the other half, not into writing beautiful things but I agree with her. Comitan is on the west end of the Bay of La Paz, BCS Mexico If you ever get this way contact us and we will show you La Paz.

Texas Gal said...

Good for you Barbara. I hope you enjoy yourself and have a blast. I have been to Galveston the last 2 weekends since I live in Houston and love the Beach. Maybe we can get togeather and have lunch or dinner or take a walk on the beach. Other wise. Have a safe trip and happy Easter! said...

I could use some beach walking, too, but it will have to be Galveston. I have a pile of books waiting for you to accompany you on your travels.