Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Man Named Pearl

It truly is his name - it's Pearl Fryar and he lives in Bishopville, South Carolina. I went to see him in May 2007 because he is truly an artist. Oh, not of paintings with a brush and a canvas, but with a chainsaw and topiaries.

I traveled with the Orange Show on my annual Eyeopener Tours to see outsider artists' creations. Although most of our traveling was in the state of North Carolina, we dipped down into South Carolina especially to meet Mr. Pearl.

He lives on a residential street but as we turned onto that street we knew something special was about to happen. You see, every single house on that block had their shrubs in some animal or geometric form. Very different and unique.

We pulled up in front of Mr. Pearl's house and it was a sight to behold. Topiaries for as far as you could see. Acres of waterfalls, fountains, whirly gigs but mostly trimmed plants. Mere words cannot do it justice.

It all started in 1984 when he wanted to win Garden of the Month in his neighborhood. So he went to a local nursery and bought anything that didn't cost more then a dollar or two and started nursing it back to life. The rest is history. He has created an oasis and a thing of beauty.

A soft spoken man, his house is modest but you certainly cannot say that about his masterpieces.
This Sunday night on HGTV, at 8PM/7Central which would be 6 in Central Mexico, there will be a special program called "A Man Named Pearl". I urge you not to miss it.

Any donations Mr. Pearl receives from visitors doesn't go to buy more plants, it goes to pay for education for kids that can't afford it - mostly college education. It's his way of giving back!

I'm thrilled that a man of such kindness and talent is being highlighted on television.


Anonymous said...

The last two nights HGTV has been showing the commercial about this show. I plan on watching it tomorrow.Thanks for the insight. said...

I have seen that show before and hope to see Mr. Pearl on our next trip to NC. Very impressive work. What an artist!

goodboy5 said...

I saw the documentary not so long ago and I was so glad to have seen it.
We need to clone Mr. Pearl in my opinion. He didn't give up because he was being discriminated against but he changed such a bad situation into a great story that should go down in history books.

He planted a garden that has became one of the country's most sort after piece of heaven where any person of any color and any race can go visit and not worry about the color of your skin.

God bless Pearl Fryar and may he live a long life as well as his "Garden of Love".

mizzpeake said...

God bless you Pearl!! you are using the gifts that God has given you. this documentary is great!!!!!