Thursday, February 12, 2009

Requiem for the Redhead

No, I didn't die, and no, I didn't select the title. It's a tongue in cheek last page article in this month's Smithsonian by Patricia McNamee Rosenberg.

It seems the Oxford Hair Foundation, owned by Proctor & Gamble, says that by the end of the century redheads will be extinct. Whoa is Me!

Did you know redheads are mutants? Thankfully I've never been called a "mutant" but now if I am, I'll understand.

I agree with the author, the world will be frightfully ordinary without redheads. Let's see, where is Jose Luis' phone number? The best colorist and hairdresser in San Miguel.

If you have a Smithsonian, read the article. It has no redeeming value other then to make you chuckle.

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Anonymous said...

As you no doubt know, red hair is a recessive gene. It takes a red hair gene from each of the mother and father to make a red-haired child.

That, along with the fact that Caucasians are a minority in this world, means red hair is indeed endangered, though you wouldn't suspect it if you lived in Vermont.

And it's a special color. Especially in Mexico.

Viva la peliroja!

Kim G
Boston, MA
Where my mother is a redhead