Friday, February 27, 2009

Dancing in Her Shadows

I desperately try on Fridays to sit in the jardin for an hour or so just to watch "the world" in all its glory pass by or to see the innocent happenings of the children. I was not disappointed today.

My friend Angie and I were sitting and oooohing and aaaahing over a catalog of women's sexy clothes and contemplating what we would like to buy when a young man sat down on the wall and began to play his accordion - although I don't think that small instrument is an accordion - someone out there who is musically inclined correct me, por favor.

It is unusual for someone to sit down and just begin to play here. So that was a delight, and even more delightful was that his lilting voice was singing in French. Aaah, a language that is so seductive to my ear. He sang softly, but not too, and not many people paid any attention to him.
Then, this little girl appeared and started dancing spointaneously with her arms oustretched and it so touched my heart. That children are so uninhibited and so aware of their surroundings - while adults just kept on going spoke volumes to me. I sat captivated. Then finally I snapped to and got out the camera and caught her dancing not only to the music, but her shadows that she was watching carefully.
The highlight of my day, and it didn't cost a dime. Life is good.
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CancunCanuck said...

What a beautiful post and photos, you've captured a moment and I thank you for inviting us in.

Islagringo said...

I agree with CC. I do hate it here though when the wandering "musicians" just pull up a chair in a restaurant, assault your eardrums with loud, out of tune music, unasked for music and then expect a tip. It's rude, intrusive and a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Believe it's called a concertina, Babs.

What beautiful shots - thanks for sharing


Calypso said...

Yes a concertina as Mic suggests. The buttons on an accordion are chords whereas the buttons on the concertina are individual notes.

I remember Kirk Douglas played one in 20,000 leagues under the sea. He sang "A whale of a Tale" and was good at it ;-)

Calypso said...

Actually I am going to revise my guess and suggest that instrument is a A diatonic button accordion, sometimes called a melodeon. The way the keyboards are laid out leads me to believe it is this and not the squeeze box.

Anita used to play a piano accordion (with the piano keys board).

There are a number of versions of accordions, melodeons and concertina's.

Kirk however definitely played the concertina in the film.

Apologize for the false start.

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso's second guess is probably correct. I think it is a melodeon.

Didn't Richard already post a marvelous story about this fellow on his gangs page?

Babs said...

Thanks CC - I thought it was such a beautifully gentle scene. Wayne, you just have to get with the program and love the spontaniety of the Mexican musicians - they're just trying to make you happy - sorry they don't!
Thanks to Anon, John and Steve. I've never heard of a melodeon. And Steve, I don't remember seeing anything about the musician before - in fact I've never seen him in San Miguel before. I just kept sighing at the sound of the French words. HE looked like he belonged in Bath, England - wispy hair, funny hat....that was my initial reaction until he started singing.

Babs said...

Well Steve, you are so sharp eyed. You are so right - Gangs of SMA did have a photo of the troubador on their blog - I missed that one! said...

Don't know about melodeons but would like to hear one. And I would love to have been there...gorgeous pictures of this beautiful child. Babs, you are getting so great with your camera! It's been way too long since I danced with my shadow.