Monday, January 19, 2009

Seeking Eloquence

If I were Michael of the blog, Tales of Zapata Street or Steve of Same Life - New Location or Calypso at Viva Veracruz, among others, eloquence would flow. BUT, I'm not.

I'm just a woman who was born in Chicago and then grew up in the 50's and 60's in Louisiana and saw and experienced prejudice because of my feelings and attitude that "ALL people are equal". It was a tough stance as a pre-teen, teenager and even as an adult. Often I learned it was safer to keep my mouth shut, yes safer. I was taken to a KKK rally by someone who didn't know my views outside of Bogalusa, La. in 1962. It was disgusting and terrifying to see what hatred can do to adults and how they fostered that on their children. Of course the Pearl River is not far from Bogalusa where the civil rights workers' bodies were recovered after they were murdered. Yes, it was safer to keep my mouth shut.

I was so blessed that my parents raised us without prejudice. I've mentioned that before on this blog. I remember my shock the first time I saw "white" water fountains and "colored" water fountains." I could sight so many stories. It would take a book.

All this is leading up to trying to put into words my awe, joy and pride in the USA that we finally got it right. Oh my, I'm so proud. I've worked on so many campaigns where the candidate I supported never had a chance. For once, that was not the case. Oh my, I'm so full of joy.
That my grandchildren and children will see that we are ALL equal, as they were raised to believe. And I'm awed at the Obama team who continue to select, project and orchestrate the beginnings of a new era in America.

Hopefully, it will be ONE country with all "equal." Amen.


Frankly Ronda said...

We were so pleased to hear Oldest Son tell us in his English part of the school day today, he read a book out loud about MLK.

Oldest Son raised a toast to MLK and we talked about who he was and why he was so important.

Then we took that conversation to the Inauguration Day tomorrow and the significance. The Dream happening before our very eyes.

I hope we do as your parents and teach our children both the past and the importance of continued fights for freedom for all.

Islagringo said...

Alas, Babs, I can't totally agree with you. We are on the right path but we are NOT all equal yet. As you could write a book, so could I about being on the receiving end of ignorant prejudice.

Steve Cotton said...

Your opening paragraph on your "lack of eloquence" reminded me of that crafty pol, Sam Ervin. Every time he would say, "I'm just an old country lawyer," I knew we were about to hear a trap snap shut.

Thank you for your eloquence. The American political system gives us an opportunuity to have almost unbounded expectations as we start anew every 4 or 8 years. And I wish the new president and country well. But I have seen enough of these joyful moments turned into harsh reality that I will temper my cheer to avoid another disappointment. (I think you just gave me an idea for tomorrow's blog.)

Babs said...

Yes American Mommy, to raise our children without prejudices against race, religion, sexual preference, or any other individualistic thing to me, is the essence of good parenthood.
I understand Isla Gringo, I understand - let's pray that this is the major beginning of the wall being torn down.
And Steve, Sam Ervin, haven't heard that name in a long time. I loved a man once, who was "just an old country lawyer" from Miss. who successfully argued two cases for the blacks before the Supreme Court. His "country" demeanor hid the most brilliant mind I've ever been privileged to be around.
I'm honored to be named in the same paragraph with Sam Erwin, but I certainly have not got that eloquence.
Sometimes I find the blog to be inadequate because there is so much to say but the blog is not the appropriate place, in my humble opinion.

Michael Dickson said...

Well, I am glad you did not commit the error of calling Obama black, which he is not. Being 50-50, he´s a multiracial man. In the elite element of U.S. society that embraces the "multicultural," I am surprised this is not emphasized more. Embraced, as they love to say.

In any event, I wish him well. He´s got quite a challenge ahead of him. He continues to surprise me. I never thought he had an ice cube´s chance in Hell of being nominated or elected. I sure was wrong.

Anonymous said...

i wish "Eddie Willers" would weigh in on this topic from Tampico or Canada or wherever.

Paul said...

I really like you and I liked Sam Ervin to.

The aforementioned writers are dominated by their cynicism and pessimism. There is none of that in your writing. Only hope and determination. You inspire and help us believe. Keep demanding the best.

It is so nice to have you back home in Mexico.

Babs said...

Ah, yes, Michael the multiracial is not lost on the Hispanics, Asians and every other ethnicity that makes up the USA and who saw in him, themselves.
Charley - I don't know who "Eddie Willers" is.......
and Paul, what a lovely comment. I don't think you have ever commented before and now I have your blog to read as well..

Anonymous said...

I am posting anonymous because Google is the spammer's friend.
Google sells lists of it's searchers to spammers and it devastated my inbox till I was advised of their practice by a friend.

It's too bad that Obama has created the worst constitutional crisis in the history of our Republic. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin or that he is half white. It has to do with his not meeting the constitutional requirements to be a candidate as a natural born citizen and he will pay a terrible price before this is all over- We all will.

He was never vetted and no one knows who he really is. So be it.

Babs said...

Anonymous - You remind me of thos3 people who don't have the balls to list their name - just like the guys who wear the hoods called the KKK. For your information, Hawaii is a State of th Union.
DON'T write on my blog again. You're ridiculous.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- Have you found the delete button, yet? It is real easy to dump comments like the one from "anonymous." Ironic that the spammers hide behind the anonymous label and then complain about spam.

Babs said...

Hi Steve,- I had forgotten about the "delete" button - thanks for reminding me.......

Anonymous said...

Oh! i thought you were a follower of Adrian's "Adventures of a Third World Shopkeeper" (Tampico,MX) his pen name is "Eddie Willers" which is from "Atlas Shrugged" i think.
not all that well read myself...but he sure is ...and always has interesting "takes" on up to date topics. i was hoping to nudge him out of silence to comment on this good day. sorry to have been so oblique.
houston, tx

Unknown said...

I didn't realize you lived in Louisiana. Ahh. the land of Edward Edwards and David Duke. I was raised in South Louisiana, but at least in our part of the swamp, racism was not a big part of the culture. I grew up with integrated schools and good friends of different races. Thank God we are changing as a nation.

Carlos Ponce-Meléndez said...

I'm very happy that Obama won and is already doing the right things (ending the torture to suspects). Some people just don't get that it's more important to live together than to live fighting for ridiculous ancestral ideas.

Babs said...

Charlie - That's ok.....where do you live in Houston?
Laurie - Thankfully I LEFT Louisiana b-4 Edwin Edards and David Duke.....I moved to Houston in 1968.
Ahh, Carlos, so well said.