Friday, January 09, 2009

Four Days - $26,000.00 US Dollars

No, I wasn't at some high-fallutin' resort, I wish. I was at Kingwood Hospital and that's what the tab for their attempt to heal me cost - they didn't succeed in healing me, but, they sure made some bucks. AND this was without surgery! Amazing isn't it?

Luckily, I have all kinds of health insurance for just this kind of unexpected thing so besides worrying about losing my gall bladder, or who knew what, I didn't have to worry about the cost.

I can assure you when I get back to San Miguel I intend to get the private health insurance that costs $1500US a year. It will be worth the piece of mind.

I was going to tell ya'll all about the "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" atmosphere of the hospital, but I've decided to just say, "Don't ever go there". The Drs. were ok, but the support staff, with the exception of two nurses were SCARY. I say this with a level of knowledge, having spent 5 1/2 years of caring and observation at MDAnderson with my daughter. If possible, DON'T go to a regional hospital.

After all, they were determined to remove my gall bladder even though the tests didn't show that was the cause! It didn't happen cause I wouldn't sign the surgical release til they showed me a purpose for the removal.............

So, with all that said, this is the first day I've had the energy to write. It is pretty amazing when you're sick that you have no creative cell in your body.

Yes, I'm still in Houston and have stopped worrying about "when" I'm leaving and just concentrating on resting and getting rid of this COUGH. Wow, this has been an experience.

No beach this time around - but that's pretty irrelevant right now. I just want to get home safe and sound and healthy. Two weeks ago I would have been devastated if someone told me I wasn't going to get to the beach - now it doesn't matter.

Lots of people have written about having a bad cough - take care of yourselves!
That's all for now folks............


1st Mate said...

Babs - If you hadn't had that US health insurance, and/or if you'd gone under the knife it could have been 3x that much! The US medical system has become as inaccessible for us non-millionaires as US housing.

And I'm another one with a bad cough. We could start a cough chorus!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Babs, I am glad that you are home and mending. That hospital bill unfortunately is not as bad as it could have been. Another reason that I can not afford to live nob anymore.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- The beach will always be there. If you wait long enough, the ocean may rise enough to have a beach in SMA. 1st Mate could sail to your front door.

Billie Mercer said...

Girl, just get yourself back here as soon as you feel up to it. I've been worrying about you.

CancunCanuck said...

Wow, coming from Canada paying ANYTHING for health care is a shock to the system! I hope you are on the road to recovery and feeling fine. Enjoy extra family time and take care!

Islagringo said...

So glad to hear that you are on the upswing. And good for you gal! Sticking to your guns and not signing a surgery waiver for not reason. Many people would have just blindly gone on ahead.

Frankly Ronda said...

Agree that it was gutsy to demand information.

Anonymous said...

Your post is another reason that if it's not catastrophic, do not get sucked into the U.S. health care fiasco! Twenty Six grand, for what? Good to hear you demanded a reason for surgery. As we know too many are unnecessary anyway. I hope you're feeling better soon.
Best Regards,
Detroit, Mich.

Calypso said...

Babs - Great to read you are recovering and essentially OK.

Of course a lot of concern out here in electron land.

The cost of medical is beyond reality and belief. That alone would get me out of that Country...don't get me started (LOL)

I hope you find the energy to keep us posted - it is no fun worrying about you - that is the selfish truth of the matter.

Be well.

John W said...

I agree medical costs in the US are out of control. But the quality of medicine is high. My $10,000 Mexican angioplasty in 2002 was so incompetently performed that when I returned to the states "just to make sure everything was OK," my GP threw me in an ambulance and sent me to the nearest cardiology unit where all the work was re-done. Apparently I was close to another heart attack, one I could ill afford given the amount of heart tissue that died during the one-hour delay caused by the inability of the Mexican hospital to simply locate a working ekg machine, much less actually place the stents properly.

The US bill was $110,000. But at least they fixed the problem.

During my semiannual visits to my cardiologist in Houston, I share his waiting room with dozens of rich Mexican patients. They have no problem with US medical costs, but they obviously have no faith in the Mexican medical system.

Babs said...

A cough chorus! YUK...I'm so tired of this mess.....phlem is a word that isn't even pretty much less fun to experience!
Thanks for all of your comments.
I realize the bill could have been much more IF they had done something. My daughter's was over $4 million when she died. But, somehow because of the severity of her illness it seemed reasonable. Maybe I was sicker then I realized. I have asked for itemized bill, it will be interesting to see, if I get it.
John, I'm so sorry you had a bad heart experience in Mexico. I know so many who have had extremely positive ones with Dr. Alvarez in SMA. He is magnificent.
A friend had a stent put in in NOvember and 3 days later was off on vacation - I was astonished. The cost $26,000 in Mexico. said...

Babs dear, I'm so glad you are at Bill's and out of that crazy hospital. Just get well, enjoy the care and tell the cough goodbye.

Suzanne said...

Hi Babs,
we haven't met, but I live here also and have been following your story - I hope there's a quick and positive end in sight, but am glad to see you have your brother to care for you.

what $1500 US insurance are you talking about , for herein MX? would like to know more when you feel up to writing about that, as I'm sure a few others would.

A speedy recovery & hope to meet you upon your healthy return

Suzanne da Rosa
another sma resident