Thursday, December 25, 2008

Surprises of Christmas

It is the first Christmas of the "Gypsy Kids" even though they were married and pregnant last year. BUT this year, with Mz. Matilda in attendance it was all it could be. Last year there was no tree, as John had just had a hernia operation and Lisa was waaaaaaay pregnant. So, in reality this was the first Chirstmas "celebration". And it was a celebration.

I was in for a delightful surprise. It was seeing my son carry on traditions from his childhood. Little things, like buying candy canes to hang on the tree. Buying greeting cards to write special message in and putting those on the branches of the tree. He was so excited about buying stocking stuffers - just like his dad did. It warmed my heart. He has waited so long for his own family and it is beautiful to see him revel in his joy with his wife Lisa and his baby Matilda. THAT was my Chirstmas present.

Their day begins around 5:30 or 6 depending on baby's awakening. I've been draaaaaaaaging myself up to share in the quiet morning coffee drinking and baby sharing. It's been well worth it.

I've been down on the floor every day with Matilda. She is a quick study. I started patty cake with her and now all I have to do is say the words and she starts clapping. She loves when I put a napkin on her head and say, "Where's Matilda?" as she pulls it off her head and peals with laughter. The simple, beautiful things of life.

As far as presents go, they are fun, but not that important - except for the kids of course. In that vein, the "kid" in me got a martini shaker, a "vintage" one so I can make Tequila Sunrises, Martinis and a zillion other drinks. By turning the top of it, it tells you the ingredients. You can rest assured it will be tucked into the suitcase for Barra and I'll be "shaking it" down the beach with limes tucked into my beach bag along with other goodies.

So the Grammy stage ends on Monday and then the Beach stage begins...............

By the way, I tried for two hours to be able to download photos here at the internet center and for many reasons I couldn't so you'll just have to continue to be patient for the photos when I get back to my own computer..........sorry.


Steve Cotton said...

Patience is a virtue we all need to learn. Remind me of that when I start complaining about the pace of anything starting next May. said...

I will work on being patient-not my strong suit, ya know. Pictures, pictures, pictures...we want pictures!