Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friends Forever

Just a warning, if and when you become my "friend", it's forever! I can count on one hand those people who I've "lost" over a lifetime. And, I'm sad about each one of them. Many, many of my friends are from grammar school and on through the ages. Friends mean the world to me.

I had lunch today with one of those "friends". We met 28 years ago, dated, didn't date became great friends and he has been in my life ever since. When he married, I was his wife's maid of honor and we are all good frends. He has been there for me and is the reason that my design business got its start in the commercial world. He told me the company he was affiliated with was building a headquarters and I should call and meet with the owner. - I did - got the job and then died of fright at how in the world I would accomplish that big job. We laughed about that today.

He was there when my granddaughter severed her toe and sat in the waiting room with my family as we waited for that crisis to be over.......and the toe to be reattached, successfully.
I could go on and on. Always there through the good and bad. When he had a heart attack and was in a regional hospital I had a "hissy" fit and got him transferred to the Texas Medical Center. (You don't ever want to see me have a hissy fit) He says I saved his life. I tell you all this because to me that's what friendship is............going to the max for the people who you care about in life.

And, the payback is, if you need a payback, to see those friends happy, healthy and full of life and enjoy the fun of reminiscing about the good and bad times.

Thanks John for a stroll down Memory Lane today.


Calypso said...

I want to be your friend.

Another John

Steve Cotton said...

Even people who run away screaming from knowing me are still stuck on my acquaintance list. It's like being a Marine.

Babs said...

Ahh John you ARE my friend. And Steve, I have the same reaction...I agonize over people I dont hear form anymore.........wondering where they are and if they are ok!

Anonymous said...

i feel the same about friends. when i go to miami, my high school sweetheart will pick me up at the airport-we broke up 35 years ago and lost touch but when my dad was dieing in 2001, i called him as my parents adored him, he came to visit, and we have been in touch ever since. my oldest friend who i will also see in miami i met shortly after arriving from cuba way back in 62. another friend i will be seeing, i met in college, little did we know back then that we had come from cuba on the same plane. it wasn't something we talked about in college, but we realized it a few years ago when we were discussing how we had left cuba. when my best friend had cancer and lost her hair to chemo in july, i surprised her by having my hair shaven off the very next day. so yes, friends are very, special to me and they have really been there for me during my difficult days in recent years. i hope you will be an e-mail/blog buddy. don't worry about keeping in touch with everyone, you'll know what's going on through our comments. i promise my next one will be shorter.

have a great weekend!
teresa in lake stevens

Billie Mercer said...

Babs, you know what I love about you? Your delight in friends and the small things in life.

Babs said...

Teresa - Have FUN in Miami - one of my favorite places! And Billie, thanks so much - from you, a delightful comment.