Monday, November 03, 2008

Restored Faith

I started to write on Saturday about how grumpy I was for several reasons and didn't cause I thought, who cares? Each reason, to the naked eye, was insignificant but added together, I was irritated. I try NOT to get irritated.

The first, don't laugh, were some garage sales that by the time you went at the time they were supposed to start - everything was sold out because they had started an hour or so beforehand.
Ok, so it irritated me because I had corrsponded with one of the people having the garage sale and I wanted to buy all her art supplies for the little girl's orphanage. She knew that - she sold all of it anyway.......boy was I ticked off. I truly wanted that stuff for the little girls. I don't have this red hair for nothing!

Then I hurried to the centro to take photos of the altars in the jardin (notice Michael I spelled it correctly) and there was a huge altar by a business in San Miguel that had advertising for the company all over it. I walked around it several times, totally speechless at their lack of sensitivity. I was also appalled that the municipal government allowed it. I came home from that episode and the garage sale episode, grumpy.

When I'm grumpy I don't want other people to have to experience that part of me, so I stayed home and read. My way of "getting over it". And, I did.

But this morning at the "coffee klatch group" one of the other women mentioned the altar and how offensive she found it. I was thrilled. I thought maybe it was just me and I was being petty. By the way, of the 8 women in this group, I'm the ONLY Democrat.........ha. Everyone chimed in with their surprise and disappointment in that altar.

I found it restoring that I'm not the only one who doesn't want to see everything in the world become commercialized, especially Mexican trditions.


Islagringo said...

I think you had legitimate reasons to be grumpy. What a b**** that woman was to sell stuff that would have been going to an orphanage. I hope you gave her a good tongue lashing!

Michael Dickson said...

I´m surprised that all the women in that group are Republicans except you. I read about some survey a couple of years back that indicated Democrats outnumber Republicans in SMA 10-1.

Babs said...

Well Wayne, as you know, I would not, as a good Souther woman, give anyone a good tongue's not my style, but I sure did mumble all the way home!
And Michael, you can't believe everything you read, ha. Ask me next time, I live here and these darn newspaper people, come into town and then have to justify the expense of the trip. They find a story line and go with it - whether it is true or not. It DOES drive me crazy - and as a friend loves to point out - in my case, that's not a long trip...ha.

rgl said...

Hi Babs. I have been following for a while and have to agree that I would also be "grumpy". I am not a fan of garage sales to start with and that would only make me even grumpier. I am heading to the Yucatan in January for three months to rest and to practice speaking Spanish. I do hope to find a university that is willing to hire an older gringo as an English prof at some point so I intend on visiting a few areas over the next while to see where I "want" to be for an extended period of time.