Wednesday, October 01, 2008

An Unexpected Friendship


I was at Atotonilco in July for a lecture on the newest UN World Heritage site. While waiting for the speaker, I noticed the elderly lady who is ALWAYS sitting in front of the church. She is so tiny - probably not 5 ft tall. I always try to talk with her - she is, in my opinion, beautiful.

After I finished talking to her, a friend of mine, Stephanie, her new baby and her little boy, Liam were there for the lecture also. This is what ensued. He IMMEDIATELY went to the old lady.

It is a precious dialog of photos - these ARE downloaded from Picasa and it is doing weird things. As I type this the photos are shifting - one went to the left and the others are going down the page. BUT I'm going to persevere and post this - so help me! It wouldn't let me downoad all of the photos so there will be a part 2 with the two remaining photos............

Stay tuned for the second part of these photos..............

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Kay Cox said...

OMG...these are wonderful. So glad you got these shots in. Precious! And figured out how to get your photos downloaded. Love Picassa.

Anonymous said...

Those are indeed wonderful. We travel to Mexico often and we visit a town in Jalico named Atotonilco. It is 2 hours from Guadalajara near a town called San Fransisco de Asis.

Wonder if this is the same town.