Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tuesday Tianguis

When I first moved to San Miguel and someone took me to the Tuesday market, I didn't
"get it"! My friend went every week and had the wardrobe of a "diva". I couldn't imagine digging through piles of used, but clean clothing in order to find a bargain............

Well, times have changed! I'm in there digging through the piles now surrounded by Mexican women and teenagers. We converse and laugh and if someone finds something the other might like we pass it over. It's so much fun...........who knew?

I have my favorite tables. There are the 10 pesos tables, the 20 pesos tables and then the one booth that has the most magnificent clothes and it is all negotiable. I'm talking Albert Nipon, Ralph Lauren, Talbot, Liz Claiborne, Jones of New York. I'm a brand shopper. Can you imagine a beautiful silk blouse from Ann Taylor for 10 pesos? I find them.

So yesterday I went, since I'm going to Colorado for Christmas and I don't even own a jacket, hardly. So, I found a great black jean jacket (50 pesos), a darling coat that reaches just above the knee, black and beige (50 pesos), my favorite, an animal print cashmere sweater (80 pesos), a black wool long skirt, (20 pesos) and a Saks purse (20 pesos). I could hardly carry it all back to the car.

In addition, at the Tuesday market, they have all kinds of food stands, fresh fruits and veggies, live animals (birds, rabbits, turkeys etc) and every part you could ever need for an electrical appliance. It's a veritable feast for the eyes. Maybe next week I'll take that I have figured out how to download the @#$#%& photos...........(more on that later)

Just one of the many "pleasures" of Mexico! I must admit I have an inner chuckle when someone compliments me on my "outfit" and I know it cost me 30 pesos...............


Islagringo said...

ok I want to see a picture of you wearing a long black skirt, animal print top and a Saks bag. Now.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I am so JEALOUS! If there is anything like that here,I haven't found it yet. I am a Goodwill shopper from way back, I used to get all my office clothes 2nd hand. So when we have the bloggerthon in San Miguel it needs to overlap the Tuesday tianguis!
Theresa said...

Just remember what happened to my camera when I tried to take photos at the Tuesday Market...the old man put a hex on it.
So does one try on these wonders to see if they fit? I want pictures of that!

Babs said...

Wayne, you'll have to come to San Miguel for that vision - I can't take a photo of myself!
And Theresa, there HAVE to be weekly markets somewhere in Merida. Ask your Mexican friends - they travel from town to town. I find them even in the tiniest of villages......."Tianguis" is what you want to ask for! Happy shopping. If not, come on over to San Miguel!
Oh Kay, I had forgotten about that - great memory - one does NOT try on - you buy by size and hope when you get home it's perfect - heck, if not, you only spent a dollar or two and you give it away.That doesn't happen very often for me, luckily!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell everyone that you thought the jacket cost 150 pesos until I had to have it explained to you! Soos