Sunday, September 07, 2008

Germs Talking

"Hey, SHE needs to slow down and rest, let's give her a one-two punch!" "Yeah", says Germ 2......AND THEY DID!
"Let's start by having her wake up Saturday morning and sneeze her way through a box of Kleenex" "Yeah" says Germ 2..........AND THEY DID!
"Let's kick it up a notch in the evening while she's at a dinner party and add an earache, a sore throat and a cough" "Yeah!", says Germ 2.............AND THEY DID!
"That oughtta keep her in bed all day - not wanting anything to eat, nothing to read and not even music to hear" "Yeah" says Germ 2. AND IT WORKED!

I'm down for the count today and hoping to be up and feeling better tomorrow. The only other symptom is this sexy, deep sultry voice, but heck the only person to try it out on is Velcro the cat and she is bored beyond anything

I'll blog again when I'm feeling better....................gotta get RID of those darn germs.


Michael Dickson said...

The Ranchito residents wish you a speedy recovery.

Steve Cotton said...

Professor Jiggs says you need a dog. At least, a dog would listen to you.

1st Mate said...

Hope by tomorrow you're bouncing back. But if it's another day in bed, I wish you a good book to read, soothing music and a friend to bring chicken soup (Mexican style).

Islaholic Trixie said...

Seems like the germs are spreading up here in the North too. It's usually a yearly occurrence when the kids go back to school and start bringing them home again.

Babs said...

Thanks ya'll for your comments! I tried to respond yesterday and it wouldn't go through and I didn't feel well enough to "hastle" with it!
1st mate, a friend brought homemade squash blossom soup last evening....OMG it was SO good........
I'm still "under the weather" though