Monday, September 29, 2008

The Florence of Mexico

This blog was going to be entitled, "Escapade at Midnight" or "Wild Kingdom" but, that can wait.

I saw this beautiful video today and HAD to share with all.

This is the video that was submitted, along with much documentation to UNESCO for the World Heritage designation for San Miguel. I think it is poetic in its selection of the many sights of San Miguel and the beautiful Mexican people.

Go to Then click on the left on the video, "Heart of Mexico". Hopefully, those who continually "slam" San Miguel will be hushed..............


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Barbara. I really enjoyed the video and music. San Miguel is beautiful.

Bill Owens

Babs said...

Hi Bill - Glad you enjoyed it - the blog on the scorpion is taking precedence however........funny how that happens.
I'm thrilled to see you're getting on the board of Los Amigos. Great group of people.
I'll be up in Nov/Dec and hope to see you and Joanne! said...

Beautiful...makes me want to be there.