Monday, June 16, 2008


I INTENSELY dislike them, LABELS THAT IS, and I acted like a "smart aleck" as my Mom would have said, when I said something about doubting if Conservatives would read my blog. It was an uncalled for comment and I feel bad for saying it. A comment from a reader reminded me that I really don't think of people that way.
I think I was responding in a way to a comment made a few days ago when I wrote about Tim Russert and I commented about who he would be seeing and "hanging out with" in heaven. The people I named were people I admire greatly - I could have named another 100 people. When I listed them I sure didn't think to myself - "these are Liberals" - although the commenter did see it that way. It irritated me at the time because I don't think of people as black, white, Hispanic, Liberal, Conservative.
So, no more "labels" from me...........I promise!

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jennifer rose said...

Don't beat yourself up over labels. We all label people; it's only natural. Even saying you're "label-free" is a label in and of itself.