Friday, May 23, 2008

Jueves de Corpus

I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of church bells ringing all over town (22 churches). It is a beautiful way to wake up...........all day I heard more church bells then normal and I kept wondering what was the day, what was the day?
Then last night at 9PM when all the bells starting ringing again it clicked "Jueves de Corpus". It was the Feast of Thursday of the Body of Christ. Only celebrated here by Masses I guess but once I happened to be on the Island of Janitzio near Patzcauro. I had taken the boat over early, like 7:30AM and not much was stirring around the island. While sitting in a little cafe having coffee, I started hearing tubas playing and then the fishermen with their straw hats in parade form started coming down the hill and the women, who are normally so quiet and unobtrusive were flinging the tips of their beautiful aprons in the air and dancing. I was stunned, thrilled and mesmerized by this experience. Somewhere I have photos of the women smiling and flipping their aprons. "Living in the moment" is not hard to do in Mexico!


Kay Cox said...

Wasn't that the same feast they were celebrating when we went? I just remember all the women all dressed up and the "old men dancers".

Babs said...

Yes Kay, you were there!