Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Here is Matilda's first foray to the jardine where the "neat" meet and greet! In the photo is Lisa, Matilda's mom and my delightful and wonderful daughter-in-law, Julie, my amazing and awesome daughter and of course John, cradling and protecting the miracle of his life, Matilda. John is equally amazing and awesome..............Funny that you can only see Matilda's tiny feet. So, here's the deal. Lisa was going somewhere last Sunday so John said, "Why don't you come over for a few hours to spend time with Matilda?" So I did. I try to be VERY respectful of their privacy and don't go over unless invited....sometimes hard. So anyway, I go - Lisa leaves. John and I are talking and Matilda has a "meltdown" -( John's term). Basically she was crying, very hard, wouldn't stop and so as he paced I asked if I could hold her. He gave her to me. I pulled from my memory the repertoire of lullabies I have always used with the other grandchildren - you know, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", Bye O Baby Bunting" Zipadeedoda"
and a few others. She quieted, she looked at me and I SWEAR, she smiled. Now remember this baby just yesterday turned 6 weeks - It's a little early for "emotions". I felt a stirring in my heart. I started singing some more, John came to watch and it happened again............Lordy I choked up! How precious.
I eventually left, but I also left my heart there with Matilda. I started thinking of all the memories we will create. Time to play, time to bake, sew and play games. Time to take walks. Oh such a glorious time it will be. Then John told me they are leaving Mexico and buying an Airstream and traveling around the USA. What does a mother do? She says, "I think that's wonderful" and swallows hard........


Gypsy Girl said...

What a lovely story. I know from meeting you just once that you get all "choked up" and teary just at the mention of your grandkids, so I can imagine it was a very emotional moment. Are't those little ones just wonderful!! Glad you are enjoying

Kay Cox said...

Oh how dear! And oh my goodness, this wasn't the vision of how I thought it was going to all be played out. I was also seeing you do all those great things with Matilda that only you can do. Well, maybe they will be back by the time she can talk. I bet Lisa's mom isn't too thrilled either.