Sunday, March 02, 2008

"Olde" clothes

I LOVE old clothes to wear around the house........I totally understand men who have a favorite t-shirt or old flannel shirt they've had for 30 years that they don't want to get rid of.....I do NOT understand why their wives want them to get rid of it!
Angie, a friend here in San Miguel, and I were discussing what we wear when working in the garden and I must admit her outfit is infinitely better then mine. She wears rubber boots, the top of an old sweat shirt around her head when she's trimming trees and stuff and an old sweats outfit she says she has had forever. I, on the other hand, hate a lot of clothes, so if I can get away with sandals, a pair of old soft capris and a tank top, I'm a happy camper.......
I love the days I stay home and ramble around the house in my "old clothes"!


Gypsy Girl said...

People these days are so much into image...and so wasteful!!
What ever happened to good old fashion comfort. good for you girl. I also "hang out" in what my kids and grandkids call rags...and a lot of my workclothes and workout clothes are their throw-aways!! said...

I hate getting rid of old clothes and adore my old paint shirts. I guess my Crocs could qualify as rubber boots to wear in the yard...and they are purple, really ugly and really, really comfy.