Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A "red letter" DAY

It's official - Amanda is out of ICU! A month.......Wow! She is in a private room and got her first ride today in a real wheelchair, not horizontal on a bed going down the hall - but SITTING UP and able to see people and out windows and hallways! This probably doesn't sound so wonderful but if you have ever been horizontal in a hospital bed with tubes and stuff in you for 30 days - it is like "paradise"..........In addition, two of her grandchildren, Andrew and Samantha who are wee ones, were allowed to go see her in her room. They are 1 and 3 years old so this is quite a feat for this to occur. They flew in from Boston just to see their Granny. I KNOW it meant the world to Amanda!
I continue to pray for my dear friend and her husband and family. I pray that this whole ordeal will be over sooner then later and that the end result will be a complete recovery. I know if Amanda has any way to affect the outcome, it will be sooner and complete!

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