Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Ron!

I LOVE this picture of Ron! It shows his humor, his silliness and just how great a guy he is..........I met Ron and Fred on the beach in Puerto Vallarta over 16 years ago. WE like to say it was in our "hot" days! And, we're NOT referring to the weather..............Ron and Fred were just starting to date and now have been life partners for 16 years. We clicked and had so much fun together for the time we were all there - I working, them goofing off! You know how when you travel you always say you're going to stay in touch with someone you meet, but seldom do you actually do that? Well, we have. Over the years while Ron and Fred lived in Dallas and had a business that brought them to Houston or vice versa, we would get together and catch up on our lives.
Then when I moved to San Miguel and talked about how wonderful it is and suggested they come visit and they did - little did I realize they would MOVE here! But they have - sold their business, bought a house and sold everything in the USA and are HERE.
How delightful! Ron and I are like two siblings - alwaaaaaaaaaaays picking on each other.....We all never get together that we don't end up laughing and being silly. Silly is good! And if you look at this picture of Ron - isn't he silly? But he is a sweetie too............
Happy Birthday Ron!!!!!!!!!!

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