Monday, February 11, 2008

Gracie Belle

I think this picture of Gracie Belle, which is the dog of four of the grandchildren is adorable! She sleeps like this in the family room and it cracked me up when I saw her. The family got her last year at Christmas and she brings smiles and giggles to the kids all the time. I'm so glad they have her. She is so funny. She loves to circle the swimming pool, at breakneck speed in the summer time, and literally fly through the air with all four paws straight out and her ears in the air as she hits the water. You can't help but laugh. When Gracie came to live with this wonderful family, there were already two grown resident cats, Chip and of them has NOTHING to do with Gracie but the other one plays and plays with her. Darn cute!
If Gracie doesn't have her nose buried while she is asleep, she finds someone to be near. Here she is with my youngest granddaughter, Emma.
NOW I have a dachsund just like Gracie living in the guest house with the young couple who has rented it for the next year. They are adorable and so is their dog, Guinness. She's this little bitty thing with a bark as big as a lab. It cracks me up every time she barks or takes after my cat Velcro. I've noticed lately though, she's not barking at Velcro and Velcro isn't running as fast, so I HOPE that soon they will become buddies.
I love animals and the four years I didn't have a pet were pretty lonely, although I swore I was never going to have one again after my dog Flash was killed accidently.......Never is a very long time.........

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