Friday, January 25, 2008

The latest about unsung heroes and heroines

Wow, hospital personnel CAN be heroes and heroines as in the case of the female surgeon who wouldn't leave Amanda last night til they had her back in ICU in a bed. It did delay her coming to tell us her status, which was a bit nerve wracking, but her focus was correctly placed!
A football size sac of fluid and air formed outside of the lungs and had caused the lungs to collapse. Although the surgery was not expected and depressed all of us, in retrospect it was a necessary evil to get her on the right track to breath much better and to feel much better.
I know she IS better because even though she is in Shock/Trauma ICU she wanted her hair brushed and her lipstick today. GO GIRL! It felt like a step back but it actually will cause steps forward to be accelerated, according to the doctor.
I have watched with great awe at all the kindnesses of the personnel at Hermann Hospital. I greatly admire how respectful they are when they talk to the patient and to the families. They patiently answer ALL questions - a far cry from the way things used to be. In my attempt yesterday to find a certain waiting area, an orderly saw me looking at signs and took the time to lead me to where I needed to go!!! Such a nice thing.
A funny little story - when the Dr., who looks to be in her late 30's or early 40's was talking last night and started to say "older women", I jokingly said, "Watch it!" and she laughed and it broke the tension..............for all of us. It's the little things..............
That's if from North of the Border - oh, by the way, with the wind chill here today it felt like 37 degrees..................I should have brought my coat!

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