Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What a Funny Day today!

I decided on the spur of the moment to head to Celaya (45 minutes away) today with the main purpose of seeing if Home Depot had "paper whites" - narcissus - which I plant every year to fill the house with fragrance for the holidays. Nada, no bulbs to be found anywhere.......oh well, maybe I can twist someone's arm to bring some back from the USA. So on to Walmart, a store that has only been open about 6 months. The store was full of little munchkins (children) dressed in red and green along with a slightly larger person dressed as Santa. They were singing Christmas songs in Spanish and having a snack at the snack bar. Then the kids followed Santa through the store singing - I'm not sure what that was all about! I must admit the music was fun to hear in Spanish and at Home Depot they had a HUGE Christmas tree lot. Now, 7 years ago when I came here, you couldn't find but a very few scruffy trees for sale. Very few people put up a tree..........but now, Christmas is coming to Mexico instead of Feliz Navidad. Costco was stocked with all kinds of gift items and food items for the holidays also!
On the way home however, I returned to reality watching all the little stands set up along the road with blue tarps to protect those selling jicimas. Bags and bags of jicimas! Stand after stand.....Since Green Giant owns most of the farmland outside of Celaya, I assume that they grow the jicimas for export and these are the leftovers. Jicimas are very much part of the Mexican diet.........and I love their crunchiness.
A fun and funny day!


Gypsy Girl said...

Interesting post.
When I was in Sonora Mexico last month all manner of halloween things were available. My brother (who lives there) said there is more of it each year.
It looks like Mexico is becoming like the USA more and more. What a tragedy!!! I hate to see them lose the beautiful Mexican culture in favor of commercialism!!!

1st Mate said...

Sonora is more gringo than any other state in Mexico, gypsy girl. Around here in San Carlos it's been referred to as Tucson South.

1st Mate said...

Hey, Babs, wanna play a blogging game? Tag, you're it. Go to if you want in.

Babs said...

Hey 1st mate - thanks for the offer but I think I'll pass for now! I'm up to my earlobes in babyshower plans, Thanksgiving and helping with a charity thing next weekend..........OY VEY, way too much stuff!

Kay Cox said...

But didn't Walmart have your paper whites? No Home Depot in Queretaro?

Kay Cox said...

Barb, I couldn't get your evite to open up but Hope the shower is great fun for everyone. Wish I could be there!