Sunday, September 30, 2007

A "surreal" evening

I went "to town" yesterday to watch the "three ring circus" known as the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel. At on point in the area between the jardine and the Parroquia (big church) there were Indians parading, horse riders standing at attention facing the church, and a Mass being said......then the paper mache creatures that were to be blown up a little later paraded in and another group with a statue of St. Michael paraded was MORE then a three ring circus. Add to that that it started raining, no pouring with lightning and thunder shortly after all of this assembled and you get the picture............fleeing spectators.
I came home, noticed as I did that the front door that opens to the jardine at my house was slightly ajar, but Velcro pushes it open when she's hungry.....didn't give it another thought.
Settled in with the Atencion (our local newspaper) in my favorite chair in the bedroom downstairs, listening to te rain and reading. Velcro was preening herself on the end of the bed in close proximity to usual. I'm reading and ALL OF A SUDDEN there are TWO orange cats on the bed, one of them attacking Velcro. I could hardly believe my eyes............I swished the newspaper and both took off. WOW, what a surprise! Now what? So, I put Velcro (I hope that was Velcro, I thought) outside and wandered around looking for "another" cat. Nope, couldn't find it........decided to leave the door open like I did a couple of years ago when a coatamundi fell in the fireplace and I didn't want to meet him, eye-to-eye. Whew, I thought after a while, THAT other cat must be gone because I never saw it again................
So, Velcro and I settled down again (at least an hour later) and I heard this low growl......."Oh, --------", I thought. Went upstairs and found a cat crouched behind a plant in the dining room. I herded it out with a cane............
Heavens, life is NEVER dull in my life!

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Kay Cox said...

Multiplying cats? Well, I guess that's one way to do it. Velcro was hosting a party and forgot to tell you to get out the drinks and appetizers.