Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bizarre Foods in Mexico

The Travel Channel had a segment on Bizarre Foods the other night. It started out in Hualtuco diving for octopus (pulpo) and cooking it a zillion ways in the ink........and then traveling to Oaxaca. Suzanna Trilling had emailed that this segment was going to be on and said that it REALLY does take a village to FIND an armadillo. That part of the story, which was quite humorous, was included in the segment.......They found it, cooked it and ate it.......along with grasshoppers, worms etc. They cooked at Suzanna's cooking school outside of Oaxaca. I hope it boosts her business!
Then the crew moved on to Mexico City and connected with Patricia Quintana, probably the "grand dame" of this generation of haute cuisine in Mexico (last generation it was Diane Kennedy) Both women have really pushed using locally grown foods and redeveloping old recipes. I've eaten at Patricia's restaurant several times, Ilote.............aaaah, it is wonderful. She cooked huitlacoche (one of my favorites, especially in crepes) among other things. Oh, they also ate mosquito larvae, I'll pass on that one.........
It was a great hour and their showing of the mercados was well done as was there filming of the various locales. If you didn't see it, I hope they repeat it!


Kay Cox said...

You can have the huitlacoche...I'll take the okra. I know, I have a tasteless palette.

Tom said...

Save some Huitlacoche for me