Saturday, April 21, 2007

Driving in Mexico

I have no fear driving in Mexico. I've done it for so many years that I just get in the car and go. If I miss a turn I don't always wait for a retorno, I check out the ditch or curbs and make a u-turn (isn't that what all Texas women do?) I always check carefully that a federali is not around or another car that will think I'm crazy and I'm always safe and have never had any problems. In fact, I missed the turn into the US Customs lane last fall when driving to Texas and I saw them over there waiting for me at the border and so I looked out, noticed the esplanade and just drove over it. It's safer then backing down the road, I reasoned. The US Customs guys were laughing when I pulled in - a first in all the years I've crossed the border. One muttered and asked me if I had ever driven the Indy 500 and I grinned and said no. THEN when they wanted to check the back of the Pathfinder and I showed them that I had 30 stone angels in the back of the car, they just shook their heads and told me to go on. I was taking the angels to a woman in Houston. I love incongruous things like that that happen in my life. Actually I had a grin on my face for about 5 miles at the looks on the Customs guy's faces. I added a little humor to their boring day.

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