Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Shiny" shoes

Patent leather shoes used to be popular in the USA! I had them and my granddaughter Jessica, when she was old enough to say what she wanted, always wanted me to take her for "shiny shoes" as she called them. Oh how she danced and twirled in those shoes and when that pair wore out we would go shopping for another new pair. Well whe's 15 now, so no more shiny shoes.............BUT I can't help noticing the little girls walking up the hill in the mornings to the school near me - yup, shiny shoes. They wear them with knee socks and their uniforms or folded over lace socks just like Jessica did. A heartwarming sight.

1 comment: said...

How I loved those shiny shoes. But then when I hit maturity, the message was no shiny shoes 'cause boys might see a reflection of your "privates". Can you believe??? And no white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. glad we are beyond all that stuff.