Sunday, March 11, 2007

An Ode to Flash

Flash was my companion, co-pilot and best friend for 13 years! I didn't seek her out to begin with, but rather she was given to me by an old boyfriend. I took her reluctantly. The first thing she did was dash and "flash" out the door the first day with me racing after her.........not a good beginning, but, hence her name "Flash". She loved to go off on her "gypsy" trips as I called them and of course, I was always trailing after trying to find her either on foot or in the car. These adventures occurred everywhere we lived in Houston and then in San Miguel. Very aggravating but always gratifying when she either came home or I found her.
The grandchildren all loved her. There was never an event or anything going on that Flash wasn't right in the middle of it. Every single picture of every Christmas, Easter or any other gathering has Flash in the picture. I once said to my oldest granddaughter Jessica that I was sorry she too didn't have a dog, and her response was, "But Grammy I do, it's Flash". Oh how they loved each other. It has been 2 1/2 years since Flash was killed here in San Miguel. Yup, it was her last "gypsy" trip to the mercado. She loved to go down the hill and visit with all the people and then she would sit on the curb and wait for me to pick her up in the car - the walk back up the hill was too much for her......she didn't make it home this last time. I can just now write about her. I never would have believed the deep sadness and longing one can have for an animal but I have truly experience both for Flash. She was a great buddy!


Billie Mercer said...

Barbara, so sorry you lost Flash. We do miss our 4-legged friends when they are gone. We miss them a lot. said...

Dear Flash. What a great dog! Just so wonderful that she could spend her last years with you in SM. I know I even miss her as she reminded me of Charlie, our great Cocker, in personality.