Saturday, October 03, 2020

Rounding the Corner of Covid

Acceptance has finally arrived!  Lethargy has finally gone!  Thankful for both.  It seems I have accomplished more in the last two weeks then I have in the last six months.  It is astonishing.

Tackling projects like going through business files and discarding 80% of things that I moved down here twenty years ago.  I have a two drawer lateral file that was crammed full.  As I discarded items like the sale of my businesses and my home twenty years ago, I wondered why I had not discarded them earlier.  Obviously I did not have as much time on my hands and so now was a perfect time to do so.

I also discovered my little pocket calendars for all the past twenty years.  It was shocking to see each day had something to do or a place to go or someone to join for lunch.  No wonder the last six months have been a shock to the system.  Life may not be as exciting but it sure is relaxing.

An entire trash bag went out the door!  It was a sense of accomplishment.  As well, as I was accomplishing this task, I realized that it will not be me who will be going through these folders again but obviously a family member after I'm gone, whenever that is.  So, for the fun of it, I have started putting funny post it note messages in various files just to let whoever it is, have a fun moment.

In addition to the above task, something that is distasteful to me is paperwork.  But, I did update and reprint lists that I use if and when I travel.  A US phone list, a Mexico phone list and an Account information list.  The last time I was in the USA and my computer would not "open" for me to check these lists on the computer, it was a wake up call.  Now I have hard copies as well as updated lists on the computer.

Yes, it has been two and a half years since the above happened, but "better late then never".

Along with the dastardly tasks, some fun things have been done as well.  Reading Ken Follett's new book which is part of the group "Pillars of the Earth" and working in the gardens. Yes, this book was as long as all the others but it was as delightful as always.  His research and writing, to me, is extraordinary.

Cold weather zapped in at the beginning of last week.  Surprise!  39F one morning.  Yikes!  Luckily winter clothes had been retrieved and the closets are ready to keep me warm.  It does get in the low 70's during the day but the house inside doesn't warm up until later in the day.  YUK!

As a means of self-preservation, besides still staying home, wearing a mask and self distancing, I am watching less and less of news and instead watching lovely shows on Netflix that are not stressful.

I have also voted by sending my ballot via DHL to the correct agency in Houston and receiving acknowledgement that it was received.  Whew!  A big accomplishment.

It seems from what I have read in the last few weeks that patience is what is required to survive this experience with covid.  Luckily we did not know last March of the expected longevity of the virus or when a vaccine would be ready.  Learning gradually has helped me to acceptance.  What about you?

The hardest thing to accept is not being able to travel to see family in Texas and Colorado.  Yes, we facetime and talk on the phone often but it is not the same as all being together. The photos that I see of friends and family members without masks at events concern me greatly in the USA.  Not to mention the large gatherings of people at various political events.  

It seems it is best to stay here in San Miguel where, to date, we have had 32 deaths and around five hundred cases in over six months.  Now everyone is wearing masks and carefully social distancing.  The municipality continues to do an extremely good job of overseeing the checkpoints coming into town and deciding when to open activities.  On the first of October the parks were finally reopened. In addition, the bibliotecha (library) has reopened which has many, many activities in addition to providing reading materials.  

While checking the webcam of the jardin by the Parroquia church this week, there are more people, but while looking at the people it is obvious that there are hardly any ex-pats wandering around.  A quick count looked like there were about forty people milling around on Friday night.  No mariachis, no mojigangas and  no small children to purchase from the balloon seller because there is no balloon seller either!

The other amazing thing is that NONE of the gazillion of festivities that we enjoy here from Easter to the Alborada to the parades in honor of St. Michael the Archangel were only held "virtually" this year! It appears that Dia de Muertos will not be allowed as well.  All of these activities have had thousands of people in the past and the deciders have decided to be very, very careful.  Even Air B&B's have not been allowed to reopen.

Thankfully with "acceptance" it seems I'm just hunkering down and enjoying those things that are not a health risk.  

Hopefully you are at the same place and taking care.  It has been wonderful to receive emails and messages from so many of you telling me how you are coping and what you are doing.

Hang in there!







William H Stoneman said...

Thanks for the updates. Look forward to our visit in January!

Babs said...

Thanks for your comment. I might be here in January. Hopefully not as I can't stand cold weather. We'll see what happens. At this point, I'm living "one day at a time!" although I am trying to make reservations for January and part of FEbruary at the beach.

Steve Cotton said...

Color me content.

Babs said...

Great news, Steve. It makes life easier to be content and not
always wanting to change things or be in a rush to madness! ha.

postcardsfromsanantonio said...

Babs - Love your concept of leaving little amusing notes behind in files.

Babs said...

Thanks "postcards" for commenting. I hope someone will have a grin someday!